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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 8, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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appreciate you watching, and now tom sullivan in for lou dobbs. . tom: and good evening, everybody, i'm tom sullivan in for lou dobbs and the city of dallas tonight struggling to make sense of that horrific violence against its law enforcement. authorities say 25-year-old michael johnson, a -- micah johnson, an army veteran ambushed police officers during a police brutality protest march last night killing five officers, wounding seven. and during the standoff that lasted hours after the attack, johnson told authorities he was upset about the recent police shootings of two black men and wanted to exterminate whites quote especially white officers.
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and we're learning now he had bomb making materials, ballistic vests, and ammunition and also had a combat journal in his home. police eventually killed the sniper with a remote controlled explosive device delivering it by robot. the police initially arrested three people. but sources close to the investigation now believe there was only one loan gunman. now, this tragedy adding yet another layer to what is already been a year's long debate about the treatment of our nation's law enforcement. dallas police chief david brown today saying that the divisiveness between police and our senses must stop. >> join me in applauding these brave men and women who do this job under great scrutiny, under great vulnerability, who literally risk their lives to protect our democracy.
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we don't feel much support. most days. let's not make today most days. tom: pretty impressive, chief. we take that issue up with former nypd detective homicide detective bowe and former secret service agent dan. also among my guest kt mcfarland will be here and carl we have a lot to discuss tonight including president obama using the tragedy to renew his push for gun control. republicans blasting the president for that saying that he is exploiting the dallas ambush for his benefit. and police officers in major cities are now pairing up for their patrols tonight. how will this affect their ability to do their job? not just dallas where police were targeted. officers in tennessee and
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georgia and missouri all have been shot over the last 24 hours and we'll examine all of that tonight. last night's shooting in dallas was the deadliest for police officers since 9/11. unfortunately, it's also just one of many examples of officers being attacked in the line of duty. fox news chief intelligence corresponded catherine herridge has our report. >> the attorney general loretta lynch calls for cooperation, not violence. >> to all americans, i ask you, i implore you, do not let this precipitate a new normal in this country. >> the full resources of the justice department are now available to dallas investigators, including support from the fbi to process the crime scene, atf, as well as the u.s. marshal service. with this week's shooting in minnesota of a cafeteria supervisor by a former police veteran and the louisiana shooting of alton sterling who sold cds outside a convenience store, the attorney general
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had restrained. >> calm, peaceful, collaborative, and determined action. >> according to data from the officer dan memorial page, a website that tracks law enforcement killed in the line of duty by non-accidental gunfire, the numbers are troubling. in 2015, 33 officers were killed down from 42 the previous year. so far this year, there are 25 deaths, including dallas. that means 2016 is on track to supersede previous years. today the nation's top law enforcement officer did not engage with reporters. >> attorney general, will you please take some questions? attorney general, what do you think explains the spike in police murders? >> a criminal defense attorney says feels under siege by the justice department. >> why didn't she also announce that a civil rights investigation was going to be opened up into the texas shooting where it appears that people were targeted on the basis.
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>> a 27 year veteran says distrust goes both ways. >> i don't think it's an anxiety that you can actually separate from the anxiety in some of the communities that are frustrated with their dealings with law enforcement. they are one in the same. >> the associated press reports tonight that officers in tennessee, georgia, and missouri have been targeted since the killings in minnesota and louisiana. two officers were wounded, one critically. there was no immediate response from the justice department. tom. tom: thank you, catherine herridge in washington. in the meantime joining me now former nypd officer and former secret service agent dan and bowe also a former nypd detective and fox news contributor. the war on police, gentlemen, dan, let's start with you. is it real? or is it imagination? >> you know, it's real because cops perfect receive it that way, tom i get walls all the time from federal agents, law enforcement officers who feel if they do their jobs they're not going to be backed up and they feel -- and this is important. they feel like the culture is
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shifted. they will of like everything is upside down. i had one of them say to me even today said i don't remember when we became the bad guys. it's just what offends them is the fact that the president constantly as a leader with the most powerful microphone on earth, every time we have one of these controversial oose of force incidents instead of saying the responsible thing, he always defaults to some element of race or racism in the incident whether he knows the facts or not. and it's really putting the police officers out there on high alert that they're going to be accused of the most violent things and that's racism whether it exists or not. >> so, bowe, how does this affect police officers going to work tonight? are they going to back off? >> you know, i talk to cops everywhere i go. i walk over to cops, i talk to them all over new york here. you know, this whole thing first off we have to give my deepest prayers and sympathy to those families of officers. and we remember last night very vividly those cops were running into the shooting,
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they weren't running away. they were trying to take people out of there. this now is a syndrome that's going across the company where cops get involved in something right away there's a cell phone camera no matter if you're making a proper arrest with they're going to show you on a cell phone camera, it doesn't look too proper. you've been an officers officer and dan, how hard it is to arrest somebody sometimes when they don't want to be arrested. and if they take a video camera down in my day, i probably wouldn't be sitting here today. but the idea is that cops are now a main form of defense for everyone. give cops off three days, have no police in this country, and you'll see anarchy and crime, murder, and everything else. tom: yeah, at the same time and, dan, address this. because as long as there have been police that enforce laws and citizens, there's always been the, oh, my gosh there's guys running a red light on me in my maria. i don't like that.
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there's always been this love, hate, i need you, but i don't want you to enforce my ten over on the freeway. >> right. of course, tom. any time there's a power asim tree, there's always going to be some element of distrust, piano accomplice have the power to take a life and arrest you. and some element of questioning authority is healthy. but the way not to handle this, tom, is the far left and to immediately jump to the worst possible scenario, given a list of 10 or 20 scenarios, the worst one that this was racism and voluntary manslaughter or murder when they barrel have the facts in front of me. that makes the did you say trust divide even worse in the cops and the community and makes the cops distrust the leaders of the community that are accusing them this type of stuff prematurelily without having any of the facts. >> and as anybody knows, you don't have to be a police officer to know this.
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these are split second decisions many, many times and sometimes things go bad. i worry whether or not police are going to really be aggressive enforcing the law because with cameras out there, i've seen it myself, bowe where they look at all of these people surrounded with cameras. >> in new york here, they love what the statistic all of a sudden gun arrested down. yeah, because none of the cops are going out there searching the guys with the damn gun, and it aggravates me the statistics in all of this. and what happens now cops are not going to get involved. you know it's better to be a firearm. firearm come when they have a fire. they're the hero. the poor cops the only time you have an interaction is when they're giving you a ticket or arresting you. so everybody hates the cops. so this has been a syndrome and now it's just magnified and this president has divided
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this country up with the police on one side and the black americans on the other side. which is totally wrong because america is not black, white, hispanic, america is us. tom: yeah, but this was about racism. i mean the guy said i don't -- i want to kill white people. and white officers, dan. >> yeah, and, again, where is the equal outrage on the left? it's interesting that the president and the attorney general any opportunity they have to demonize gun owners, whatever it may be, comparing republicans to iranian hard-liners, yeah, that really happened. they took that opportunity. but the minute minute you have a group out there, black lives matter, and i'm perfectly willing to admit it's not all of them. there are genuine people out there with genuine concerns but the minute you have a group where a number of them call for the death of cops chanting pigs in a blanket. tom: yeah, what do we want? dead cops. that was the chant. >> a year and a half ago we
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had two new york city cops assassinated in their car because of what this mayor new york city said and allowed them to shut down a road, shut down bridges, what do we want? dead cops, when do we want them? now and then this punk came from baltimore and assassinated these two cops, tom. you know what? honestly my heart really goes out for every cop, and i say hello to every cop i see whether it's in new york, florida, anywhere, they are a tough job today. tom: everybody should. thank your police officer when you see them. i've got to run. dan and bowe, both i have gentlemen, thank you so much. well, we're coming right back with much more. stay with us . tom: many unanswered questions tonight after the deadly sniper attacks against the dallas police department and the now dead suspect at the center of it all. >> he expressed anger for black lives matter. none of that is a reason a legitimate reason to do harm to anyone. tom: politician quick to condemn the atrocity but what responsibility do they bear? we'll take that up with brett
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watch nbc's highlights and catch every live event on your tv with nbc sports live extra. i'm getting ready. are you? x1 will change the way you experience nbcuniversal's coverage of the rio olympic games. call or go online today to switch to x1. . tom: donald trump tonight reacting to the horrific
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execution style shootings of the dallas police officers. trump calling for law and order and referring to some of the underlying problems in this video statement. >> we need jobs, and we're going to produce those jobs. racial divisions have gotten worse, not better. too many headlines flash across our screens every day about the rising crime and rising death tolls in our cities. tom: well, hillary clinton also spoke about dallas moments ago. she was at an event in philadelphia. >> there is too much violence, too much hate, too much senseless killing, too many people dead who shouldn't be. tom: joining me now, executive editor for the weekly standard and fox news contributor fred barns. interesting, fred. i just heard her talk about things donald trump said jobs is what we need.
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i didn't hear a solution from her. she just -- >> she had a better statement earlier in the day but, again, i don't really think jobs are the answer. jobs are not the answer number one. after you have these horrendous cases in minnesota and in louisiana and in particular the ambush of the police in dallas. what you first need is a restoration of law and order so people willful protected. and then you have president obama in europe sneaking in a mr. you go for gun control. and i think when you have people speak about gun control, you know what they want to do? go out and buy a gun. tom: by the way, today the stock market did well. we'll get to the numbers in a little while. but the gun maker stocks both smith and we knew, all of them going up today. >> that's not surprising because people think gee if we
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have this gun control, the bad guys will have guns. but i won't be able to buy a gun. so they rush right out and buy guns. tom: the thing about gun control, it seems like that's fine, you want to do the politics and that argument is for a day and place, but it seems like -- in all the situations, by gosh the people have barrel been dead 24 hours and already got the politics of this going. it seems tacky. >> it does. i mean i think obama what does he have? six months left in his presidential term, maybe seven, and he can't help himself, he sticks gun control all the time, he goes out with hillary, and it's hard to tell who's the candidate against donald trump, whether it's obama or hillary clinton. but bringing up gun control is bad partly because it spikes the sale of guns but also because countries on this, tom, and this wasn't the day for it. this was a day of tragedy, a day of sadness, a day of mourning and here trump is
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plugging what is the big political issue this summer for democrats. this is the thing they're harping on, and he sneaks it in his statement today. tom: well, and the investigations are just barrel have started in minnesota and baton rouge and his attorney general has gotten involved in the one in louisiana. they had barrel started the investigation. so maybe we should get a few facts somewhere along here before we make any proclamations. but less than two weeks now is the republican convention, is this going to have an impact? is it going to be something that is going to change the course of how the convention goes in a week and a half? >> i don't know it will change the course of the convention, but it will certainly help donald trump in the campaign. you know, trump has been -- he says almost every rally as i'm sure you've heard, tom, he says how much we shall all support the police. been a theme ever since last june when he first announced. and he's strong against
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crime. this is an issue on which he has a distinct advantage over hillary clinton and i guess going to the convention we'll hear a lot about it at the convention from jump and other republicans. >> he does mention at all his rallies thank the police on a regular basis. fred barns, great to see you. thank you, fred. >> thanks, tom. tom: you bet. well, be sure to vote in tonight's poll. is it disarraysful for phenomenon push gun control immediately after the dallas police massacre? cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs. and follow lou on twitter @lou dobbs and on facebook and instagram at lou dobbs tonight. links to everything you can find -- look at all those different addresses right there at well, up next donald trump bows to treat our law enforcement very differently from president obama.
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>> they really put up with a lot, and it's a shame. and i love them, and we have to respect them. >> we've got to stick up for our police. these are incredible people. we've got to stick up for our police. >> there's a big chunk of our fellow citizenry that feels as if because of the color of their skin they are not being treated the same. and that hurts. and that should trouble all of us. tom: david and kerry picket join me next
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. tom: the white house just moments ago saying president obama will cut short his trip overseas and will go to dallas early next week. the president will return to washington on sunday night. that's one day sooner than he had planned. earlier today the president
11:26 pm
was quick to inject his personal politics into his statement on the dallas police massacre. listen to this. >> when people are armed with powerful weapons, unfortunately, it makes attacks like these more deadly and more tragic. and in the days ahead, we're going to have to consider those realities. tom: well, considering that, how big joining me now is the political reporter for the daily caller kerry picket and senior corresponded david. terry, let me start with you because the fact he didn't mention it but if he's talking about people with powerful weapons, this guy had no criminal record that we know of. he was in the army. he would have passed background checks, wouldn't he not? >> well, certainly. unfortunately, though, what we are seeing here are the -- is the police department was also unprotected as well. and we saw the police in dallasf
11:27 pm
them did not have a bulletproof vest and that we also have seen that, unfortunately, the gunman himself did have armor. so what ended up happening, we ended up seeing this awful tragedy. tom: i was surprised at that. i thought police officers regardless of them being in short-sleeve regardless of ferguson, i thought they would have had bulletproof vests and possibly would have saved lives. tell me the politics of this. we started the conversation we're almost to the convention. is this going to have any impact at all on the republican convention and the democrat convention? >> it's really hard to tell at this point and what we've seen in this campaign is things move very fast, and it's really hard to gauge and sometimes because of events, events that we thought such as
11:28 pm
orlando the campaign are overtaken by new events. orlando was a few weeks ago. this week talking about hillary clinton and her e-mail scandal and now we're going to be talking about this. so i think that we're going to have to see how this plays out. i will say i thought both donald trump and hillary clinton today handled things correctly. they pretty much laid off of the politics. they more or less with the american people needed and what they wanted to see from the presidential candidates. tom: but at the same time, this is one of those issues that depending upon how you feel about the candidates, this is the clear difference between them. donald trump has made it very clear he's going to protect your second amendment right. said it over and over again. hillary clinton says, hey, about that constitution, the second amendment? well, i think everything should be regulated. she told george stephanopoulos that. so there is a huge difference in between the two of them on the second amendment. >> indeed. what's interesting here is
11:29 pm
before dallas happened when we were steffle looking at the law enforcement shootings over in minneapolis over in baton rouge, you already pretty much knew that hillary clinton and barack obama were more than likely going to talk about the faults of law enforcement and start going into issues regarding black lives matter, ferguson, baltimore, et cetera, and that would probably talk about what type of reforms have to go into law enforcement. but the moment that dallas happened, the entire conversation turned around to gun control. frankly that's not surprising tom: is it fair, david, to go after the president on this? that's -- well, that's just who he is. he wants -- and he also his base is also looking for more gun control. >> yeah, look, i think everybody is fair game when you're a national leer and you're going to have something to say and we have a right to comment on it. and you alluded to it right there, the country is split in a way on gun control and second amendment issues and
11:30 pm
people on the right look at it one way, people on the left look at it in a different way and that's going to color the lens they see this through, so each side think so the other side is being political but think so that they are not and that is part of what leaders need to sort of try to navigate as they try to decide what solutions are possible, what solutions are necessary and which things should be left alone. tom: do you have a read, david, on the polling of the second amendment? >> i don't know -- i think you have to look at the state by state as opposed to nationally especially in the context of a presidential election. and there are certain states where the politics are with the second amendment and the right to keep and bear arms. there are other states where gun control sells extremely well. if you're looking at a state like kentucky, gun control is going to sell great. if you're looking at a state like pennsylvania or alabama, the second amendment is very, very important to a lot of voters. so that's the way louvre got to look at it. in many ways it's like boring. the country is split, the polling will fluctuate a little but i don't think
11:31 pm
anybody has a clear advantage at this point. tom: all right, both of you thank you very much for coming in. >> thank you. tom: you bet. well, we're coming right back with much more. so stay with us. a texas lawmaker accuses president obama for instigating the attacks in dallas. and the president under fire for a lengthy facebook post he wrote just hours before the attacks. we'll take it up with kt mcfarland here next. and how will donald trump restore the law and order that this nation desperately needs? we'll take up this question and many
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. tom: president obama criticized today for antipolice rhetoric in a facebook post written just hours before the dallas attacks. the president in a lengthy about the police-involved shootings in louisiana and minnesota said in part and i quote these fatal shootings are not isolated incidents. they are symptomatic of the broader challenges within our criminal justice system. that appear across the system year after year and the resulting lack of trust of existing law enforcement and too many of the communities they serve. all americans should recognize the anger, frustration, and grief that so many americans are feeling. well, hours later, that anger did explode. of course in violence on the
11:36 pm
streets of dallas. 12 police officers shot by dead. one texas lawmaker says obama bears responsibility for the attack. congressman rodger williams posted this today. he said the spread of information and constant instigation by prominent leaders including our president have contributed to the modern day host i let we are witnessing between the police and those that they serve. joining us now fox news national security analyst and former pentagon official kt mcfarland. i know we do international things isis and everything else. why don't we start with dallas. your reaction to these comments the fact that the president is an instigator. >> you know, i am just so grieved for our nation when every time we have one of these terrible tragics, what happens is all the politicians rush to their battle stations. the president says we've got to make sure that we don't discriminate against anybody, talks about racism, and he talks about taking away the guns. on the other side, they talk
11:37 pm
about the president's pc culture that the president's stoking the flames. so what happens is we're even further apart after one of these incidents. i would like to see a national leader, in fact, the only national leader, tom, who didn't run to his battle stations was a nonpolitician in the group. and that's trump when the policemen killed the black man, he grieves for that and when the black man killed the policeman, he grieved for that and stayed quiet. that's the right thing to do. don't make this a political issue because we're only getting further and further away from each other, away from a solution. tom: the president is wrapping up -- his last nato visit. what's the status between him and nato? and what's the health of nato? because he -- you've still got vladimir putin rattling the cage on eastern europe. >> i think actually we're heth for crisis this summer. and it's a perfect storm of
11:38 pm
things happening. putin is looking at the baltics. i was in the baltics last month. those little countries lithuania, and they're nato members. and putin is looking at those countries to think maybe i'm going to do something to break apart nato. and it's going to happen in the middle of the presidential elections with lame duck. europe is preoccupied with brexit, economic crisis, with its migration crisis, and i think putin is looking at that and saying this is my moment. i may never have it this good, i'm going to take advantage of what i'm going to take advantage of, and i think watch around the time of olympics, my guess is putin makes a move on the baltics. why is that a problem? because we've just agreed to put deployed forces in the baltics who can't defend against the russians. tom: well, if he think so we're want going to do anything and serve tied up with their conventions. >> uh-huh. tom: and the olympics and everything else, what do you think he will do? is he going to do another ukraine -- >> could do another ukraine,
11:39 pm
could do another georgia. putin's goal is before barack obama leaves office and anticipates a different american president, he's going to do everything he can to break apart nato and the way to break it apart is to show it's a tiring. so if he makes a move on baltic state like a phony war where he's actually put special forces but pretends he hasn't or i see in 2008 where he put the tanks across the border, any one of those things is a possibility. i'm not saying it's a definite, but i'm sure looking at the summer of olympics particularly who love to do stuff during the olympics. 2018,. tom: so we'll see the little green army men again without any patches. something like that. >> might see russian tanks that would move quickly and take over the baltics in 24 or 36 hours. tom: so isis, you know, we keep hearing about the fact that isis, oh, my gosh, sizes on the run, they're falling apart, they're losing all of this territory and everything else.
11:40 pm
and yet it seems like there's more bloodshed continuing around the world. what's the game plan with isis? >> you know, you're so right, tom. the president and secretary kerry want to say, look, we've got them on the run, we're doing really well. our strategy is working. only a fool believes that because look at isis. they've now launched attacks in europe, north africa, and saudi arabia. in pakistan, in bangladesh, and we know that there are isis cells in all 50 states in the united states. they're not on the run. this is what it looks like when isis is losing? what's it going to look like when they're winning? they're outsmarting us and one step ahead of every single move and we're always one step behind. tom: i think people forget that bombing in baghdad. 200 people and the other thing was medina, my gosh. the burial site of muhammad. you just don't do that. they are getting more brazen it looks like. >> they are, and i think in the end, the fight is going to be over saudi arabia. it's going to be iran on one side and the shi'a fanatics,
11:41 pm
and i don't think this stops any time soon. tom: you've been very right on calling the future. kt mcfarland, thank you very much. >> you bet, tom. tom: well, be sure to vote in tonight's poll. is it disgraceful for president obama to push gun control immediately after dallas police massacre? cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs. and up next, dallas police chief david brown says law enforcement displayed incredible bravery last night. >> you see video footage after video footage of them running toward gunfire from an elevated position with no chance to protect themselves and to put themselves in harms way to make sure citizens can get to a place of security. . tom: so why is it there is such animosity between black
11:42 pm
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. tom: donald trump tonight releasing a video statement on the vicious attacks in dallas. trump saying quote every american has the right to live
11:46 pm
in safety and peace. we played a little bit of it earlier. now, here's more of what donald trump said. >> the shooting of the 12 police officers in dallas, texas has shaken the soul of our nation. just a few weeks ago i met with many of the men and women in the dallas police force during my visit to texas. they're not just police officers. they're mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, sons, and daughters. and they're all on my mind today. they're on everybody's mind. a brutal attack on a police force is an attack on our country and an attack on our families. we must stand in solidarity with law enforcement, which we must remember is the force between civilization and total chaos. tom: joining me now former navy seal and great america pact spokesman for the trump campaign. carl higbe and that was a
11:47 pm
totally different sounding statement from what president obama said. they're obviously in two different camps here. >> completely different camps. and you look at what happens this goes with military, this goes with law enforcement, law enforcement and military flock to donald trump. he projects strength, but he projects that professionalism of respect too. obama doesn't respect our military and that's why we don't like him and he doesn't respect law enforcement. they have -- just such a stark difference. and that's why i think donald trump is going to win an overwhelming majority. tom: well, let's speak of the military, first of all. the shooter in this case was in the military. he was in the army reserves, but he did serve in afghanistan for i think it was seven months, something along those lines. but he was in the engineering group building bridges and repairing houses or doing something along those lines. i don't know how much combat he saw. but he had enough training to where as a navy seal, you must have thought about the fact where so many police officers thought there were maybe three shooters, and he was all over the place.
11:48 pm
>> right. well, there's a term in military terms light is bright. and he was fast moving, able to get from place to place. but the fact that he only killed five people, which thank god it was not more than that. but the fact he only killed five people with someone with that tactical advantage one man with body arm, multiple magazines only killed that many is astonishing, and i think that goes to a testament of our law enforcement officers who were able to contain it but also goes to the fact that this guy may not have been as prepared as he thought he was. tom: it went on for about 45 seconds; right? the first round of burst of weapons and for all about 40 seconds of it, it sounded like the same kind of echo, meaning it sounded like it was coming from the same gun before police started returning the volley. so he had advantage. he was up high, and he was able to unload. he had a semi automatic weapon. he was able to fire very, very quickly. >> he was. but, again, police respond with the same weapon.
11:49 pm
so when president obama comes out and talks about gun control, he's talking about taking away the very weapons that these first responders respond against a criminal with. tom: so when we talk about president obama and a lot of people criticizing him for exactly what you're talking about, he represents a portion of this country that believes what he says that gun control is good, that police are bad, this is an area where i think this campaign, how much of this campaign is going to focus in november on this whole attitude like you described about the military and police? >> well, i think -- president obama has really drawn a -- from the president that was supposed to bring everybody together. everybody talks about him being the first black president. he's half white, let's talk about the fact that he is not been very outspoken against black lives matter. black lives matter, how about they come out and start working with law enforcement and communities, maybe go into chicago and say, hey, you know, we're black on black crime is more deadly than the war in afghanistan.
11:50 pm
why don't you go on there and build bridges there? why don't you talk about the fact that blacks make up 13% of the population but commit 50% of the homicides indigestion wide. why don't they start bridging that gap and start building the bridges in the community and law enforcement instead of tearing them down. tom: so you're saying black lives matter is basically disparaging police when they should be saying, hey, we need to work together on this? >> yeah. these protests that they're advocating for, sure you can peaceful protest all you want but the fact of the matter when they start pushing these protests more and more and when you have people like hillary clinton catering to them, barack obama catering to them, they don't make anything better. they've got them now. tom: do you think last night's going to make a difference? do you think the black lives matter organizers are going to -- somehow change their attitude and go, well, with i guess the police really are important. they sure better. >> because you're going to continue to see this, and you have the black lives matter movement pushing people to shut down economies in local towns where the shootings are taking. tom: well, those are the anarchist group.
11:51 pm
>> they are but black lives matter rushes in, jessie jackson, al sharpton. get them out of there. we have to start building bridges not tear them down. an integral part of our country, and they should want be isolating themselves through groups like black lives matter. tom: it will be interesting to see -- i talked to a black friend today, and i asked them why do you keep voting for the same people who give you these lousy policies? and he says because they show up. good answer. republicans need to reach out. >> they do, and we have people who vote for a living rather than work for a living, you're going to keep coming out. tom: carl, great to see you. thank you so much. in the meantime today on wall street stocks big day. back almost a record day. stocks went up on a strong job report up 251 points, s&p up 32 within the breath of a all-time record, nasdaq up 30 points in the volume 3.5 billion shares.
11:52 pm
for the week, dow and s&p up more than 1%, nasdaq gaining 2% and the economy great jobs report today up 287,000 jobs added last month, strongest month since last october and the unemployment rate 5%. and coast to coast o on the radio network. roll intoday calling for unity. >> in each other. in our institutions we must have hope and believe that tomorrow will be better, and it will, and we must love one another. because if we don't, this cancer separatism will kill this body. tom: so what's driving our divisions? are politicians part of the problem?
11:53 pm
kelly and ryan join me next [plumber] i need to be where the pipes are.
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tom: joining me now, washington times columnist kelly riddel. and ryan, we were talking during the break, the dallas mayor said
11:57 pm
we need to come together with each other and love each other. isn't there some responsibility for their policies they created, deet kay in our -- the decay in our urban cities that keep these people in poverty. >> we need to look at social and justice reform. but part of it i cultural. there is a lot of distrust. there are a lot of people making a name for themselves. tom: they are talk in platitudes, but platitudes don't get anything done. >> we need to be honest about what's going on. president obama in his speech last night was not honest. he rallied off a bunch of stats.
11:58 pm
but he didn't put them in perspective. black men are 8 time more likely to commit a violent crime than whites and hispanics combined. so there is a black on black crime and a breakdown in the inner city community. that's the reason why the police are in these community because they need to be policed. tom: who is the typical inner-city mayor in our inner cities? >> mostly democrats. we need to look at why 50 years after the war on poverty why black people are still behind. why do we have failing schools and executive after executive they seem to trust the politicians to promise the same
11:59 pm
thing but don't get them any further. there is a conversation of trying to understand each other. of all the murders by cops only 90 were unarmed people. tom: i are said why do you keep voting for the same people and he said because they show up. are republicans not doing their job work out to the inner cities? >> i don't believe they are. they need to have dialogue and conversation about how they can get these families back on their feet in jobs and off entitlement and welfare reform. that's something the republicans need to do better with. i was encouraged by donald trump's statement. he said we are mourninger from
12:00 am
everybody, from the people in louisiana and minnesota as well as dallas. tom: we have to leave it there because we are out of time. thanks for joining us tonight. louis back from vacation. >> announcer: this show has never been solely about investments. we talked about anything that affected people and their money. from fox headquarters in new york city, the new "wall street week." tone were welcome to "wall street week." i'm anthony scaramucci along with gary kaminsky. a big news week for hillary


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